About us

Our team

Our diverse and talented team combines HP experience and CAD/CAM professionals from companies like from organizations like Autodesk, PTC, Onshape, Solidworks, 3D Systems and Tech Soft 3D with expertise from product development to partnerships to hands on production. After all, additive manufacturing is the very definition of computer aided manufacturing – exactly the expertise required to transform the additive manufacturing landscape and improve the customer experience.


Ryan Palmer

Ryan is responsible for the execution of end to end application and data strategy. He works closely with leaders across HP to deliver on the promise of truly innovative and differentiating solutions that enhance and extend our 3D solutions.

Anthony Graves

Anthony is head of HP's Digital Manufacturing Solutions, where he is responsible for the strategy and vision of the group and all of the details inherent in the realization of that vision.

Rebecca Dake

Rebecca leads the team in exploring and understanding the customers’ workflow and daily challenges to enable the creation of a more efficient, effective process.

Philip Thomas

Philip is the head of Additive Software, responsible for solving the technical challenges of moving additive manufacturing from prototype to production at scale.


We are engaging in a select number of pilot installations with lighthouse customers. Contact us now to get involved!